Therapy for Postpartum Depression in New York

You feel like you shouldn’t have been a mother

The stress is overwhelming. You are supposed to be happy and all of your friends appear to have loved their new motherhood roles. Your first baby was so easy, or this is your first baby and you feel totally lost. It looks so easy for everyone else.

One out of only seven moms struggle with postpartum depression. Unfortunately many of the moms who seek me out have felt like they don’t need help, despite the difficult feelings they face — You’re allowed to get help!

You might feel like the worst case I’ve ever worked with, and that no one has ever failed at motherhood the way you have. You may have tried to distance yourself from your baby or you might be unable to put him down and won’t let anyone else hold him, because you feel like the whole burden is yours to bear.

Postpartum Depression is temporary and extremely treatable, once you find the right professional. I can help you to adjust to this transition and help you to navigate your new relationships with friends and family, so that they are able to help you without feeling like a failure. You can accept that help without feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy.

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