Therapy for Postpartum Anxiety in New York

There is so much to worry about as a Mom

The constant fears that something will go wrong are overwhelming. You’re having trouble sleeping, even though your baby now sleeps better at night. You can’t sit still, and at times get frustrated at how exhausted you are.

You might feel like the worst case I’ve ever worked with, and that no one has ever thought the scary things that you can’t get away from. 10% of all moms have postpartum anxiety. You aren’t alone! Unfortunately many of the moms who seek me out have felt like they didn’t need help, despite the difficult thoughts they have faced for weeks and months — You’re allowed to get help. You aren’t at fault for your anxiety.

Postpartum Anxiety is temporary and extremely treatable, once you find the right professional. I will help you to decrease the worry so that you can enjoy spending quality time with your baby. We will actively work together to reduce your stress and explore the thinking patterns that have left you feeling like a totally different person.

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