Online Therapy for Moms in NY

Video Therapy is the Easiest Way for A Busy Mom to Get Help for Anxiety and Depression

Why Online?

Is it difficult find a sitter for your baby in order to attend therapy in a traditional office? We can schedule sessions during nap-time, or have baby join us! I’ve seen it all so don’t worry if babies need to eat or a diaper change while we are on video together.

Are you a working mom who doesn’t get enough time to spend with your baby? Tele-therapy can be done on your lunch break, so as to not take any more time away from your busy life.

Have you struggled to find a therapist with specialized training and experience in Postpartum Depression & Anxiety in your local area? I’m able to work with anyone online who is within the State of NY.

Being any kind of Mom is hard enough! There certainly aren’t enough hours in the day to waste traveling to a Therapist’s office. It's as easy as FaceTime, and proven as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.

Fees & Insurance for Online Therapy

I am in-network with United Healthcare (Optum, Oxford, Oscar, UHC Community Plan), Cigna, Healthfirst, & Medicare. Out-of-Network benefits can also be utilized for other insurances.

40-minute session: $125

55-minute session: $150

How Does it Work?

In most ways, online therapy is very similar to traditional in-office therapy. All you need is an internet connection and a pair of headphones for privacy. You can use your laptop, or even your smartphone, anything with a web browser!

You’ll receive an e-mail with a link to your virtual “waiting room”, and be able to save the link to your bookmarks - it’ll be the same every time! A few minutes before your session, you can click the link and wait until I begin the session. It looks like FaceTime or Zoom, only it will be a secure connection to ensure your privacy. 

If you would prefer in-person therapy, and are located within Suffolk County, check out the areas I am able to visit you in your home.

Ready to Get Started?