Concierge In-Home Therapy for Moms in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

I have found home based therapy to be the most convenient and easy way to access the help you need, and my clients all agree!

Why in-home?

I know how difficult it can be to plan your life as a new mom! I come to your home, where you and your baby are most comfortable. It’s not only easier, but we’ll get to know each other faster, so that you can get the help you are seeking. Don’t be worried about cleaning up for me, I’ve seen it all. Want me to take my shoes off? Great, I’ll bring clean socks! Wash my hands? Absolutely - I don’t mess around with germs either. I’m here to help you, don’t worry about being Martha Stewart.

Fees for In-Home Therapy

Standard 55-minute session: $180

If you would prefer to use your insurance benefits, I am in-network with some insurance plans and can accept out-of-network for Online Therapy.

Where can I travel to?

See below map for the areas of Suffolk County that I am able to visit you in your home.

Counseling for Moms in Suffolk County, NY

If you are outside of these bounds for in-home therapy, but would still hope to work with me, please reach out and we can discuss options for a travel fee — or check out how to access therapy online anywhere in NY State.

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